The Authors Show

What is The Authors Show?

AuthorsShowLogoNewIIThe Authors Show is not a “show” in the traditional sense of the word, it is a professional book marketing audio & video program that offers participants two major benefits that authors who are serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially inasmuch as each of these benefits has long lasting effects:

These benefits are…

the production of a professionally edited audio and/or video tool showcasing the participating author and his/her book; we share with participants our own pool of readers by broadcasting their interview on our network, putting their work in front of thousands of potential book buyers they would otherwise not reach.

Radio interviews and the original broadcast are done at no cost.  Interview copies and/or archiving of interviews for periodic rerun on the show are available for a nominal fee.


The Author Show and its partner Free Publicity Focus Group, combined with their strategic alliances, lead the field in Internet book marketing for authors of all genres.  We are well positioned to bring new and seasoned authors the exposure their work deserves. We specialize in effective targeted book marketing that bring results.   We are a true “Authors Marketing Powerhouse”.

The History of The Authors Show

Radio and TV “talk shows”, as we have known them for the past few decades, present a wide variety of carefully selected topics to their audiences, and to captivate the largest  number of listeners and/or viewers – their ultimate goal – it is essential that these programs be dynamic. To help them with that task, show producers introduce guests to be interviewed by the show hosts on the topic at hand.  Often these guests are authors, and although generally given less than 5 minutes of “spotlight” (especially on TV), these authors welcome the invitation as it offers them a chance to talk about their books.  Everybody is happy: the station has a program, the producer has a topic, the host has a guest, the guest has an audience s/he would most likely otherwise never get elsewhere.  But there is one problem:  so many authors, and not enough radio/TV time available!

In 2005 when all the radio/TV stations “pooh-poohed” the Internet, Danielle Hampson had the vision to build a platform where authors would be given much more than the time generally allocated by conventional media.  So, she developed, produced and hosted her first Internet TV show called “Arizona Authors”, where each author was interviewed for up to 15 minutes and broadcast online for up to a full week, non-stop 24/7.

The word about her new show spread like wild fire and shortly after Arizona Authors’ debut, Danielle started to receive requests for interviews from authors in California, Oregon, Washington and other west coast states, and to accommodate these out of state authors, she renamed the show “The Authors Show”.

Very soon, authors contacted her from Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York, and eventually from all over the United States, Canada, and also from overseas. Guests were flying to her Phoenix based green screen studio from the UK,  Germany, and even from the Middle East.

Understanding that not all authors may be able to travel to be a guest on her online TV show, at the end of 2008 Ms. Hampson launched the online radio version of the same show, and asked her friend and marketing strategist Don McCauley to host the radio show for her.  Within less than 72 hours of the radio show announcement , Danielle received over 700 interview requests from authors around the world, and soon authors were booked on the show to discuss their books via telephone interviews with the host.

Unlike the TV show, its radio counterpart offers no logistical challenges, which contributed to its rapid growth. So much so that Danielle found herself in the position of having too many authors, and not enough “show hours”.  She then split the show into several categories/genres, and so were born The Business Authors Show, The Children Authors Show, The Christian Authors Show and The Wellness Authors Show.  To relieve Don of some of the hosting pressure, Danielle jumped back into hosting shows again and took on the hosting of The Business Authors Show and The Christian Authors Show.